About Us

ToPeer Corporation is poised to lead the next Internet revolution.

Our focus is on creating web based collaboration, organization and location tools. 2Peer has taken advantage of the converging trends of broadband access, web-based systems and the demands of social networks to develop the technology to create your Private Internet. This service allows our users to manage and share digital information locally and within their own circle of friends - bringing the Internet under their personal control. 2Peer services were developed and designed to be easy-to-use - if you can use an Internet web browser you can use our software!

2Peer lets you create your own Private Internet; a place where you can communicate and share with your friends - and only your friends! Using 2Peer, you can share files with your trusted contacts directly from your computer - privately and securely. There is no limit on upload speed or file sizes. There is no third party intervention. You are always in control.

Here's how simple it is!

  1. Download and install the 2PeerDesktop and sign up!
  2. Search for your friends already on 2Peer and send others invitations to join the 2Peer service.
  3. Share or browse content that is available to you, and start chatting with your friends!

1-2-3... It's as simple as that, so what are you waiting for?

After all, "This is Your Internet! Are you ready to take control?"TM

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