What is 2Peer? 2Peer is your own Private Internet, a safe and secure place from which you can harness all of the potential of the Public Internet - the ability to create websites, write blogs, and share files - and place it under your personal control. These activities are conducted within the safety and comfort of your own network of friends and family. Some of these features are available in the current version of 2PeerDesktop with some yet to be developed in future versions - which we are working on now!

There are two great ways in which you can use the 2Peer software. 2PeerDesktop is an application that you install on your computer in order to fully communicate, share media, and download folders and files from your friends. 2PeerWeb is a web-based tool designed only for downloading files while on the go.

Why not give it a try? After all it's free!

Simply click on the link below to download the latest version of the 2PeerDesktop application.

Download 2Peer for Windows!   Download 2Peer for Mac OS X!

2PeerDesktop vs. 2PeerWeb: A Comparison of Key Features
Browse Friends' Content
Keyword search for files
Download files
Invite Users to your Private Internet
Organize users into groups
Change your profile information
Update your preference settings
View Albums
Download folders
Retain structure of Download Folders
Share folders and files
Share albums
View transfer history
Create Albums

A Guided Tour

What is 2Peer?

Safe, Secure and Private

Connect, Chat and Share

Transfer Large Files

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